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Network Infinity Business Brokers are one of Australia’s largest business brokerage firms with national coverage, and, physical offices located in NSW, QLD & VIC. Network Infinity has been connecting businesses to people successfully in almost every industry with their team of agents. Our team uses their unique abilities and experience to find solutions that work best for their clients. With a robust professional networks including solicitors, advisors, accountants and financial Experts, we can find solutions and assistance to help throughout the transaction process thus ensuring that all stakeholders are acutely aware and maintain the primary objective at the top of mind: to offer unrivalled business support and an exemplary customer experience throughout this complex, and oftentimes overwhelming process filled with hurdles. Our Administrative department has years of experience in handling the most delicate part of the transaction, the contractual stages. This is where most deals are lost, our success rate is unmatched due to the experience of our support team. We have worked with over one thousand different lawyers and accountants and we come highly recommended by many of them for our professionalism and ability to handle the toughest of situations. We allow our business brokers to focus on what they do best: selling. To this end, we have a well-established administration department that ably assists sellers and business brokers in a support role to ensure offers are received timeously, the necessary research is conducted and the right buyer segment is targeted.

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