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    Edward Pampalian, Network Infinity Sydney Business Broker

General Manager and licensed Business Agent at Network Infinity and head of Administrative Services Infinity, Edward mainly works with assisting the hundreds of sales that come through Network infinity year on year, the experience gained over the years in an industry that has so many variables would be hard to match.

With each and every business that is listed by vendors with us, Edward is there to assist all parties including the vendors, agents and the respective solicitors involved.

Rest assured that with Network Infinity, you have many tiers of support.



 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            



    Mike Arvythis, Network Infinity Sydney Business Broker

Specialist business broker for the food and beverage industry.

With over 35 years’ experience in the hospitality sector, Mike brings with him the necessary skills needed when it comes to both buying and


Having owned over 30 businesses including cafes, restaurants, bars and pre-school centres, Mike can provide you with practical experience

to help you achieve your goals. 

Being one to never give up when helping you buy or sell a business and always trying to achieve the best results possible.  Mike has rapidly gained an enviable reputation in the industry.

To discuss buying or selling a business in Sydney NSW call Mike on 0411 690 000




 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            




    John Mc Nabb, Network Infinity Business Broker Sydney NSW

After spending 30 years in IT managing market rates in international trading rooms I have made a sea change. I have been business broking for 2 years and enjoy the challenge. My business style is to treat people fairly with integrity and to be honest and upfront. If you are thinking of buying or selling a business talk to me.

To discuss buying or selling a business in Sydney NSW call John on 0499 550 577







 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            




   Garth Lawrence -  Licensed Business Broker Sydney NSW

Garth has many years experience in the hospitality industry working running numerous cafes and working for some of the biggest coffee companies, he has a very large network of people within the industry and is a dedicated cafe broker in Sydney.

Contact Garth on 0400 299 326

  •  Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            




   Angelo Fournaris - Licensed Business Broker and Real Estate agent Sydney NSW

Angelo Fournaris comes to Network Infinity Brokers with over 30 years experience in all aspects of sales, business development, marketing and management. 

A graduate License Real Estate Agent, Business Broker, Certificate IV in Finance, Trade Certificate in Hospitality/Chef and Business Management.

Angelo has held positions of ever increasing responsibility in a variety of business support and development, including his own hospitality businesses and real estate office. Additionally, he is skilled in contract negotiations, developing proposals and establishing productive relationships with new and existing clientele.

Angelo's successful business background coupled with his skills in evaluating business data gives him the ability to determine the business price and market, while assessing buyers needs. With this broad range of experience Angelo is capable of representing all types and sizes of businesses/companies as an astute business broker with a unique talent for negotiation, he is known in the industry for his high level of experience, determination and overall personable nature. 

Contact Angelo on 0410 544 347


 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            




     Anthony Mathers - Business Broker NSW SYDNEY

Anthony has many years experience in the business brokerage industry having worked many years in and around the Northern Beaches suburbs of Sydney, he has a passion to work with his vendors and is proactive in finding solutions to overcome any hurdles your business sale make face.

If you would like to discuss selling your business with Anthony you can reach him on - 0405 252 629




 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            



   Leny Irawaty, Sydney NSW Business Broker Network Infinity

Over 16 years and 5 businesses owned and sold in around Sydney CBD area both as stand-alone cafes or food outlets in the centres.

Combining the experiences both overseas and locally, with her background in Food Science & Technology (M. App. Sci from UNSW) and practical knowledge.  Having migrated to Australia in 1996 herself, she has the insights for first-timers who want to own their own business. 

Teaming up with Mike Arvythis, she enters the business brokerage with a mission to better the overall service that any clients (either vendors or buyers) will receive.



 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            



              Steven Ung

  Sydney Business Broker Network Infinity 

Steven Ung has years of experience in making deals happen, he has a very sound knowledge of business brokering and how to overcome obstacles, with the advantage of speaking several languages including English and Mandarin. 

To discuss buying or selling a business in Sydney NSW call Steven Ung on 0427 978 477


 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            


Chris Minas - NSW business Broker

Chris has plenty of experience with retail businesses including having owned several very successful cafes.

He can assist you in preparing your business for a sale to attract more potential buyers creating a higher demand.

To discuss buying or selling a business in Sydney NSW call Chris Minas on 0414 241 332


 Sydney Business Brokers                                                                                                            




  •    Steven Sparshott - Sydney Business Broker PH: 0429 260 478


    Sydney Busines agent, Steven has both corporate and retail experience, he has a very sound understanding of the retail landscape with having owned his own bar and restaurant in Sydney's busy Newtown suburb.




Melbourne Victoria Business Broker                                                                                             


Patrick Bucca

 Patrick Bucca - Melbourne business Broker

Patrick has a world of knowledge behind him from owning his own businesses to working as a successful sales person, he is very pro-active and will make sure you are receiving a very high level of service.

To discuss your buying or selling a business in Melbourne Victoria  call Patrick on 0409 709 514


Melbourne Victoria Business Broker                                                                                             


  Narinder Singh - Melbourne, Victoria Based Business Broker

Narinder comes from a professional background, experienced in helping people with Migration, buying businesses and selling, he has turned his focus on to business brokering to help those who need his expertise and experience, especially when selling to overseas clients, Narinder understands the forever changing landscape that is Migration rules and business sales.


Melbourne Victoria Business Broker                                                                                             



  Hardik Lakhani - Melbourne, Victoria Business Broker

Hardik has many years’ experience in both buying and selling businesses, he has owned many restaurants and cafes himself and has experienced the hurdles involved in the buying and selling process in the hospitality industry.




Melbourne Victoria Business Broker                                                                                             


 Sam Razzak - Vic Melbourne Business Broker

Sam started his career in the hospitality industry before making a switch to the IT sector where he worked for some of the most dynamic companies in Australia including NAB bank.

Having a desire to work for himself, Sam has joined Network Infinity to provide business brokering services in Melbourne Victoria including regional Victoria.

He brings with him a vast knowledge of both retail-based and IT related businesses.

To discuss your buying or selling a business in Melbourne Victoria call Sam directly on - 040427 836 110



Melbourne Victoria Business Broker                                                                                             


      John Ferraro - Victoria Melbourne business broker

John has many years experience in the business brokerage and real estate sector in Victoria, having an exceptional knowledge of the franchise industry, John can help make the sale process of your business as smooth a transaction as possible. 

To discuss your buying or selling a business in Melbourne Victoria  call John direct on - 0423 241 241 





Melbourne Victoria Business Broker                                                                                             



    Saurabh Mani - Business Broker VIC Melbourne PH: 0411 757 861

Saurabh provides an exceptional service as a business agent in Victoria, with so many vendors praising his hard work, tireless effort and true kind and ethical nature, it is not hard to see why he is such a successful business broker in Melbourne.








BRISBANE, GOLD COAST QLD                                                                                                             



    Steven Ellis - QLD Business Broker - PH: 0418 569 009


BRISBANE, GOLD COAST QLD                                                                                                             




  •     Charlie Zhu - Licensed Business Broker in QLD - 0452 480 880
  • Charlie Zhu and his team have a large database of buyers looking for businesses in all areas including Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, they are very well known in the Chinese community and have been servicing their needs for many years.
  • BRISBANE, GOLD COAST QLD                                                                                                             



  •   Chen Qu - Business broker in Brisbane Queensland - Ph: 0430 807 890


Australia's best business brokers, each one of our franchisees are licensed, highly trained agents that put their clients needs first. With business brokers in Sydney and Melbourne with Brisbane and Western Australian offices opening late 2016, we can offer you extensive service unmatched by any other brokerage.





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