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Agency Agreements and why we need them


Business agents are bound by regulations set out by the governing bodies of the State in which they operate; Agency agreement must be executed before an agent can actively sell any business.

They also act as a protection mechanism for all parties by clearly stating what the agent’s role is, any fees being agreed to, when their fees  are payable and privacy policies.

They should clearly show the start and end date for EXCLUSIVE agreements after which point It should transition into an open agency agreement.

An OPEN agreement generally has only a start date.

Definition of exclusive agreement is that the agent is the sole agent for selling the business whereas an open agreement means there may be more than one channel open to selling the business.

Using a sole agent, generally known as an exclusive agreement has many benefits, the main benefit being the agent can work with the comfort and knowledge the vendor has intrusted them to sell their business.

This shows the agency that the vendor is serious about selling their business, and that the agency should feel confident with spending more time & money on actively marketing and selling the business.


Marketing of your business

As you may be aware, the current climate in the marketplace is favourable to buyers.

There are many reasons for this but the main cause simply comes down to supply and demand.

Supply – there are a vast amount of businesses on the market and demand levels are lower than in previous years.

To combat this we have taken a pro-active approach to cut through all the noise of the thousands of businesses advertised so that we can get our customers their desired results.

Some of the channels we utilise to get your business in front of buyers

·         Face to face introduction of your business to our buyers via our business agents 

·         Our database of customers

·         Online and print media

·         Email campaigns

·         Social media marketing.

We will use some or all the above methods to market your business.

We have thousands of active buyers on our database, many of whom are in regular communication with our Network Infinity Agents.


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