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Anthony Mathers


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  • Price $500,000.00
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                                     Stylish Butcher Shop & Deli, located in the lively lower North Shore.

Doors open seven days a week, with sales exceeding $30,000, offering a rapid return on investment.

Key features: 

Exclusive Location: Strategically positioned in the affluent lower North Shore, capturing a prime market.

Proven Track Record: A 14-year presence in the thriving shopping center, with four years of successful ownership.

Immersive Shopping Experience: Thoughtful space design separates Meat, Poultry, and Deli sections, creating an engaging journey.

Premium Showcase: Glass refrigerated cabinets display an impressive range of premium Meat, Lamb, Pork, sausages, Poultry, and Ducks

Deli Delights: Curated selection of local and imported cheeses, including King Island Smoked Cheddar and Artisan Cheshire, along with complementary olives, sauces, pickles, olive oils, and gourmet dry goods.

Craftsmanship: A captivating cool room window showcases aged beef and pork carcasses, highlighting dedication to craft and quality.

Efficient Operations: Seamless back-of-house operations, including a convenient prep area, ensuring smooth functionality.

                                                              For further info contact Tony Mathers 0404 003 379

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