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Exciting digital advice / investments market-place business

  1. The financial services industry is in poor shape
  2. Something needs to change
  3. This can we help to make the change, and
  4. This can service the need.

This is a fantastic digital advice / investments market-place with a unique projections feature that helps people to manage life’s journey with confidence.

Their digital advice allows users to address their life-style issues, goals and not just the material issues about investments and wealth building.

Their digital advice matches strategic planning with comparison planning and tactical transactions.

The business will make various processes and its Reports available on a White Label basis for use by accountants, planners and other advisors.

Their journey is seeking $250,000 equity capital (part $2.25m) to: deliver its first product in a digitally – interactive form, marketing and for working capital including next steps of product and IT build.

They are not aware of any other party that is developing or offering a similar business model or the whole range of these types of capabilities:

1. Only two parties are offering any best / expected / worst / projections of their investments and only for advisors and only for super.

2. Their products will reach beyond ‘super’ to manage financial outcomes in life’s journey.

3. No-one, to their knowledge, allows comparisons of outcomes of different investment choices including direct securities and then ‘syncs’ to transactions.

4. Their methodology for projections compares with globally accepted industry and academic practice.

The business is looking for investors to purchase new shares in the business.

This next generation business model is targeted to give new & existing shareholders substantial multiples of the 25c entry share price.

With aASX listing planned, get in on the ground floor and if you are one of the first $250,000 investors, you will benefit from a 20% discount on the share price.

Customer review "At face value, your new platform seems to be a revolutionary step forward not merely an evolutionary development in the myriad plethora of investment management tools available these days.  

Both sophisticated and everyday investors are crying out for simplicity in their interactions with markets, intermediaries, regulators and fiscal authorities. Superannuation, as you are more aware than I, is a particular case in point. If your new platform did no more than de-risk and uncomplicate that nightmare, it would be a boon to mankind.

As far as I can see, your new platform seems to change and shift the paradigm. It presents a holistic platform that connects many of the current discontinuities to allow investors, those who intermediate on their behalf and those who account and regulate the investment process to both make decisions and communicate in a more seamless way to simplify what is an inordinately complex and tortuous process particularly for simpletons like me. 

As a potential consumer, will the platform be easy to for me to access, is it customer centric, simple to use, make my life easier, allow me to test hypotheses relevant to my specific investment needs? Is it dynamic capable of adapting to my changing needs?"

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